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As a testament to our simple-but-effective design philosophy, we charge a flat rate for all of our services. This policy allows our qualified designers to focus on the design, not the finances. It provides our customers with peace of mind during the design process. No hidden fees, no rate sheets, no price quote adjustments, no hassles just one simple hourly rate of $60.

Since we are able to operate with very low overhead, we can beat our competitors prices by almost half. A typical custom designed site with 5-10 pages site will cost $500-$1200, depending on complexity of design and interactive features. Because we custom build each site, we do not offer a one-size-fits-all price. We would be happy to answer anymore question you might have concerning costs.

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"Jason listens to your needs and is responsive. The level of professionalism along with the clear talent delivers results. We went from the drawing board to a fully functional web site in a fraction of the time I had budgeted. Very Impressive."

Scott Ford – Partner, Why Leave? Café & Vending -

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